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The financial professionals at Grace Capital Management Group help Southwest Florida families and individuals achieve lifelong financial confidence in their futures.


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Who We Are - Grace Capital Management

Grace Capital Management is an established, relationship-based organization that is putting their clients’ interests first.

Grace Capital Management Group, LLC is an independently owned, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) whose goal is to restore investor trust and confidence in the financial system through the creation of client relationships based on full fiduciary disclosure and transparency of action. Investors deserve a credible alternative source of advice compared to those products offered by the major financial corporations who have been described as “too big to fail.” As an independent organization, Grace Capital Management Group has the freedom to offer unbiased advice without the potential for conflicts of interest often present within these larger broker dealers.

By taking the time to understand our clients’ financial and lifestyle needs and aspirations, we aim to align our advice in the same direction as our clientele.


Personalized Financial Planning

Successful, long-term relationships usually start with both parties sharing with each other their mutual goals and aspirations. We believe this should also be true for prosperous financial relationships. There are two types of financial organization: those you’ve heard of and those you haven’t heard of.

1. “The big companies you’ve heard of.” These are busy with bailouts, restructuring, legal battles and staff turnover.

2. “The companies you have yet to hear of.” Is now the time to look for a more personal financial organization?

The first stage of a relationship with Grace Capital involves your personal financial advisor taking the time to listen to you and understand your story: where you have been, where you would like to go from here and what makes you financially comfortable. They will also outline their beliefs and the areas in which Global Financial might typically bring value the financial relationship.

Our financial planning services are available on a one-to-one, personalized basis and include risk, income and cost planning and analyses.


Institutional-Level Investment Management

Grace Capital Management Group aims to bring institutional-level asset management to your kitchen table.

Institutional money management is not just for the ultra-wealthy elite and large institutional investors. You’ve worked hard and earned the right to enjoy similarly sophisticated and transparent asset management services that larger investors have benefitted from for decades.

In our opinion, the key to consistent investment returns and volatility reduction is Asset Allocation – a focus on dynamically selecting the most attractive areas to invest in while avoiding the riskiest, taking into account the ever-changing economic and investment environment.

Our investment philosophy is a proactive, hands-on, diversified and flexible approach to seeking risk-adjusted asset classes with the potential for principal growth or consistent income. In other words, “buy and hold” may not be right for all markets and all investors.

We prioritize capital preservation while seeking to participate in market opportunities across a wide range of asset classes and geographical regions.


The Grace Capital Management Group Advisor:

Client Service and Fiduciary Advice

At Grace Capital, we believe financial advice should be more than big company sales staff offering financial products that they have a financial interest in selling to you. Is this in the best interests of the client? We believe financial advice should be about building relationships.

Every Grace Capital Advisor has access to special independent experts including Investment Research and Analysis, Financial Planning, Institutional Compliance and Quality Control. Their job is to work closely with you to ensure your needs are being served.

Our goal is to offer a high level of client service—some might say the “old-fashioned” way.

By adopting the fiduciary standard as our guiding “standard of client care,” a Grace Capital Advisor is required to put the interests of their clients first and fully disclose associated costs and potential conflicts of interest. In our opinion, this is a higher standard of care than the “Brokerage Suitability” standard that most large company brokers still follow.

Our hope is that clients and regulators continue to embrace the fiduciary standard as a way to uncover and prevent many of the practices which led to the credit crisis, recession, budget deficit and Wall Street protests.

We appreciate and respect how hard you’ve worked and saved throughout your life. With that in mind, we take our role as the financial advisor of your pre- and post-retirement goals very seriously.


It is a true honor for us to be entrusted with this responsibility. 

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